Marsden Football Club - The 80s resurgence

Although the club had gone through a rapid decline of fortunes on the playing side during the 60s and 70s, it had a strong committee who ensured its' financial viability and had the foresite to develop proper long term plans. Their objective was to develop a club for all ages that could compete with the best local and regional teams both on and off the field.

By the late 70s a broad brush plan was in place which initially looked to bring all football activities in the village into the one club, thus maximising all available manpower and financial resources. This clearly involved bringing the Juniors and Marsden Old Boys "into the fold".

1979 had seen the Juniors join the club but attempts to bring in the Old Boys failed to materialise. It was felt best to concentrate on digesting the Juniors and getting them settled in and to fine tune what was to become a 5 Year Business Plan commencing in 1983.

The Juniors proved a great success and so attention was again centred on the Old Boys in early 1983, who by now had suffered a severe decline in fortunes. The time was ripe to merge the resources.